Student Cribz is an apartment listing platform that aims to make it easier for students to find off-campus housing by putting all their options in one place

Being a University student myself, I noticed the process through which students find off-campus housing can be nerve racking and is overall not a very enjoyable experience.

Customer Mission: Provide students with a place to see all their options and enable them to contact the land lord or property manager without having to leave the listing website.

In march of 2017 work on Student Cribz (then called Temple Cribs) began. In order to release the product as quickly as possible it was decided that WordPress, with a custom theme, should be used. WordPress allows for the creation of complex website with little-to-no coding experience, however a basic understanding of HTML and CSS was needed.

Launch Goals

  • Partner with at least 3 real estate companies and list their properties
  • Generate 10 leads in the first month of operation
  • Drive 250 visitors to the site and generate 1000 page views
  • Student Cribz has shattered its original launch goals
    • Reached every goal for the launch of the company (Temple Cribs stats)
      • Over 1,000 visitors in the first month
      • Over 5,000 page views generated
      • Generated 20 leads in the first month
      • Data to show
        • Counter with 1000 visitors, 5000 page views, and 20 leads
        • Show chart showing time spent on website